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Calling owners/afficiondos of *early* Eichler homes

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This is related to the posting "Eichler in Palo Alto being Demolished!"

Well, turns out I know even less than I suspected ;-) I saw the house in Palo Alto and was sure it was not an Eichler. Turns out it was.

While it had some characteristics I recognized, others were decidedly foreign.

What fooled me:

- yes, it had radiant heat
- yes, it had some version of post and beam construction
- yes, it had a tongue-and-groove ceiling planks
- yes, it did have both a hall bathroom and an ensuite bathroom

- no, it did not have mahogany paneling
(it had a patchwork of some type of paneling that was pieced together vertically and horizontally. Looked like pine plywood but might be redwood?. This treatment was consistent throughout the home, including closets.)

- no, it did not walls of glass with sliding glass doors
(it had a single-width, wooden doors split horizontally into a top and bottom. There was a door like this from the master bedroom to the backyard, and another from the living room to the backyard.)

- no, it did not have any form of pendant lights.
(I saw one ceiling light *wired through the beam*, no indication of any other ceiling fixtures ever having been present.)

- no, it did not built-in stovetop and built-in oven.
(it had a massive, standalone 50's stove)

- no, it did not have sliding door cabinets in the kitchen
(it had swing out cabinet doors)

- no, it did not have either a courtyard or an atrium

- no, it did not have a windowless front exterior
(it had hall bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen windows all facing onto the front yard)

It was unlike any Eichler I had ever seen. And that is what I told Mike. Thankfully, Mike was very gracious. He carefully restated that the neighbors he has spoken to were convinced these 10 homes or so were indeed Eichlers. I have to say, I was sure they were mistaken--shame on me. I was telling Mike, as we stood in the garage, that you can sometimes find original building permits in the garage. And, lo and behold, if there wasn't one there--with the owner listed as... you guessed it, Eichler Homes!

So, have I been introduced to my first early-50's, pre-architect Eichler? I know at least a couple of the people on this web board have indicated they live in 3 bedroom Eichlers. Will you chime in and tell us some of the things you've learned about your homes? Do you have pictures you could post to help educate the rest of us? What is the wood on the walls? Are the beams redwood or douglas fir? etc.

I'm looking forward to learning more.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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I've gotten some information on this home. Its one of 10 or 12 home in a 1950 Ashen&Allen designed tract called El Centro Gardens. We could really use some brain-storming from the Eichler community on how we might make this home marketable through restoration/updates rather than tear down.

Take a look at my posting with more information at:


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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seems like those in the area could go the neighborhood preservation (register of historic places) route and perhaps even block this house from being torn down. i know absolutely nothing about the process, but i seem to recall another tract doing this...

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