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Can someone ID this Northern CA Eichler?

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Hi All,

I'm a Lotta Living BB member who thoroughly enjoys living in an Eichler vicariously through this site! :) I'm about to list a volume of House Beautiful issues from 1952 on eBay, and was hoping that someone here could help me out by identifying an Anshen & Allen Eichler featured in the October issue (pages 202-207). There's no indication of a specific tract or city, but I would love to be able to include the specifics in my auction. (I've reunited a couple of Eichler owners with their houses in House Beautiful before, and it's a good feeling!) The model home in the article is completely furnished with Milo Baughman's "Perspective" line of furniture for Drexel (very cool!). I've posted some scans on my site:
Note: these are relatively small images because I don't want to overwhelm my listing with huge graphics. I would be happy to provide more (and larger) scans if anyone would like to see them... I think I've already scanned half of this volume, anyway, so a few more pages won't hurt!
Some possible hints as to the location: The price is listed as $31,500. A caption below the sketch of the house's layout reads "Note this 6-room house has 5 terraces." There is a detailed list of materials and furnishings used in the feature, and most of the artwork and accessories are either from the City or the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. Terrace furniture was by Williams and Co. of Redwood City. So, does this house look familiar to anyone? Or can you point me towards another place to look for information?