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can you stand one more painting question? Window trim?

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Hello ENers,

Thank you for your help..... new question....

the trim around windows..... kitchen, bedroom, LR....

What color should the trim around the windows be?

Right now my colors are: siding -- some sort of green; fascia -- chocolate brown, and eaves and beam are white.

Thank you so much.


Joined: Apr 2 2003

Assuming you are talking exterior trim, they should match the exterior body (siding) color--especially the trim on the garage where, for some reason, people sometimes want to paint a contrasting color... don't.


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Joined: Jun 28 2003


The painters are arriving tomorrow morning and it's 11:30 pm right now. Looks like a new monkey wrench (better to find out now)....

the exterior trim around the windows should be the same color as the siding. Did I get that right?

But..... does the beam that goes across the front of the home (courtyard model with garage in front) stay white (the color of the eaves) or should I paint it the color of the trim (chocolate brown)?

BTW, Cathye Hardwick's article in the Spring 2004 Eichler Network newsletter has been *extremely* helpful. It is well written and extremely informative. I will be using the Problem Solver Wood Cleaner and using Cabot paint.

Thank you, Jake.


Joined: Mar 21 2003

For what is it worth (not much), on our courtyard Eichler we painted the 1 by trim around the windows the siding color. The section of exposed beam above the window on the wall with the garage we painted the same color as all the other beams. For us that is white.

We did it that way to emphasize the post and beam nature of the architecture. As viewed from the courtyard we wanted to give the appearance that the beam in front of the garage and the one inside the house on that same line are all one piece.

I have no idea of the colors Eichler originally for these details, so for us it was a matter of our personal taste.

Joined: Jun 28 2003

Good morning Tod,

Thank you for your reply. Hmmm... what you say makes sense.

Now I can tell the painters something definitive.

My fear was with there would too many busy colors going on. With the window trim painted the same color as the siding; and the expose beam painted white, there's not that busy-ness happening.

Thank you again.


Joined: Aug 28 2003

In my opinion: eves/ceiling and beams should be painted contrasting colors so that the beams stand out.

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