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Anybody had any luck with cork flooring? Any general idea of how much it costs to install? I am looking to install some in my Eichler. It is 1700 sq. ft. I am also looking for someone to install it. I live in Marin County, Ca.


Joined: Mar 20 2003

Ive been told $8-9 a sqft for top quality cork flooring including insallation. And thats reall cork tiles 1/2" thick

Joined: May 19 2003

I'm having cork flooring put in part of my home, and I'm paying $9.00 sq/ft plus installation (including floor prep) of $5.00 sq/ft.


Chuck (West San Jose)

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Just be aware that cork, like hardwood or carpet, fades with exposure to UV light. Thus, if you put in cork flooring, be sure that your windows and sliding glass doors are made of glass that blocks the UV rays of the sun. If your windows have been replaced by Low-E glass, you should be OK. Otherwise, you may want to consider a light block film, such as Sun Check, to avoid this problem down the road. From what I have heard, it does not take too long to fade, either.


Joined: Mar 31 2003

Please refer to the other thread about fading cork floor. We put in ours only about a year ago. We don't have UV-blocking films on our windows so it took less than 6 months and the fading is noticeably visible. After about a year, part of the floor are already turning white. I haven't seen a solution to resolving the fading problem yet other than preventive steps such as UV-blocking films on windows which only buys you a little longer time before it fades.

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I installed cork throughout the house about ten years ago. Not only do the tiles bleach (all glass walls on a southern exposure, with the sliders open most of the time), but they swell and shrink.
The folks at Cork America (aka Linoleum City) in LA really know their cork. They recommend just stripping the old wax and re-waxing with carnuba wax. Grinding a new surface, besides the concerns listed above, rips up the closed cell structure, which is incredibly durable and waterproof, which obviates plastic coating, unless you crave that shine.
Incidentally, I've heard that "cupping" is the sign of a well-laid floor. The tiles are set so tight they push up at the edges very slightly on damp, cool days.
I'm very happy with the flooring. It's quieter than wood or stone, temperature neutral, and requires almost no care. After having wall-to-wall wool carpeting, even though concourse-grade goods made for airports, cork worry-free. The only thing bad about it is the fading, and you know what, fading is natural. So how bad is that? I wish the worst thing that happens to me with age is fading.
Anybody have any wax stripper or wax product reviews based on personal experience? It's about time I buffed 'em up.

Actually it's a Drogin, not an Eichler.

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