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Re-roofing: Good time to take care of ... [what?]

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Joined: Jul 1 2003

I will re-roof my Eichler this summer.

I plan to add skylights, new electrical lines across the roof, a gasline down into the kitchen, rigid foam insulation, lots of downspouts and ...

What else might I want to think about, since I have an opportunity here that only comes around every 15 years?

The roof is completely flat, no atrium. It's in Mountain View (Monta Loma).

Joined: Mar 20 2003

Along with rewiring the house, adding in network cables and coaxial cable.

You might consider upgrading to RJ-6 wiring which is bundled cabling that is going into many new homes

Joined: Mar 20 2003

This is a good time to upgrade your ventilation. I replaced both bathrooms fans. I upgraded my hall fan with a Panasonic Whisperlite fan and put a switch timer (60 min) on the fan. In the master bath I replaced the light with a Nutone Whisperlite fan/light (the light was brighter than the Whisperlite). You can also upgrade your kitchen fan at this time also. Broan/Nutone make fans you can mount remotely (on the roof) so they are quiet when you run them in the house. All these fans need fan "boxes around them before they are foamed over. I have photos if you want to see what these look like- you can email me.

This is also a time to add a HVAC system to your whole house. I added a Heat Recovery Ventilator since my wintertime humidity was getting too high and causing mold growth (not fun). It has solved my problem. For heating and cooling you can add a low profile Unico system.

Also if you are pulling in a gasline for your kitchen, you might consider running it to your fireplace also .

Joined: Mar 20 2003

I agree that a gas fireplace would be very, very nice to have.

I wanted to add that since moving into my Eichler I have installed a cordless phone (5.8GHZ range) and a wireless access point (~5.3GHZ range). I now have only one physcical phone wire with DSL attached (voice and data use the same wire, different frequency). This line runs into one of the bedrooms that is central (somewhat) to the home to improve signal.

If I had my druthers, I would run the DSL box into the garage (it is cooler there then the rest of the non-airconditioned house) and run Cat5 into two rooms on either side of the house giving me the option of having two wireless access points. Two would allow me to roam around the perimeter of the home such as lounge outsideon the patio while surfing the web.

Wireless and Cordless technology was meant for the Eichler!


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As long as you have the roof off, you could install a fire sprinkler system.

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Redo the hot/cold water lines before they go out under the slab...

Mark Hoy Sunnyvale Eichler Owner

Joined: Mar 20 2003

speaker cables into the living room or other room for surround sound
additional light fixtures
hardwire smoke alarms
run additional phone lines in case the roofers accidentally nail into the electrical metal box conduits
gas line for the dryer

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