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CSI TV Show - Features an Eichler!

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Joined: Nov 26 2004

I was just watching CSI and noticed that Catherine Willlows (one of the shows actresses) lives in an Eichler on the show. The episode that featured the Eichler was called "Wheeping Willows" and has a lot of great shots becaues she does an atrium, kitchen and living room walktru.

Cool stuff. Looks like someone with site selection responsibilities in Hollywood has good taste!

Joined: Aug 25 2005

CSI has used Balboa Highlands in Granada Hills for years now; it's funny how it's supposed to be Las Vegas but many of the shots show hilly streets and lush natural vegetation. We just shot a Windex commercial in our home ( a product we are all very familiar with...); it features some crows ringing a doorbell and a man walking into a slider that's been cleaned to near invisibility. Unfortunately, the crew only cleaned those windows of ours that are visible in the shoot...

Joined: Apr 10 2003

that CSI show but I did get a glance of the other commercials shot there.
And the TV show Girlfriends one of the characters lives in an Eichler (I think it's located on Lisette). There are some very Eichler like homes in Las Vegas in the northeast Vegas Valley but the neighborhood doesn't 'get it' yet, as well as some cool looking Palmer & Kreisel style homes-again the neighborhood doesn't 'get it' yet-both need a little 'tidying up'-then they could do some filming locally then. I posted some of the pic's in the gallery.

Wishing for modern home.

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