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In the New York Times Magazine

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Just an F.Y.I
there is an article in the New York Times Magazine on Eichlers.
to much about the Southland Eichlers but an intresting 3 pages none the less.

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The URL to the article is[/url]

This URL will no longer be public (free) in a few days, so hurry.

Great article featuring Balboa Highlands development near Los Angeles, and Adriene Biondo, Eichler homeowner and modernist advocate. Way to go Adriene!

Barry Brisco

1959 A. Quincy Jones atrium model in The Highlands, San Mateo

Joined: Mar 20 2003

that's adriene of x-100 fame!

I walked through Balboa Highlands not long ago. Many nice examples to treat an Eichler, and many not so nice examples. My favorite was the one with a marble facade, pillars, and greek statues everywhere. The enclosed atrium had a little greek fountain inside. I couldn't stop laughing at the house and thought the guy with a fedora, tanktop t-shirt, and gold necklaces, waxing his cadalac in front, was going to kill me. I am not making this up!

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joeb: there's a similarly mediterranianized Eichler up here in Greenmeadow. Wonder if they used the same landscaper :)

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I have lived in the SoCAl Eichler neighborhood of Balboa Highlands for 12 years, and during that time have seen the neighborhood change for the better (although we still have a ways to go...) I am familiar with the house with marble facade, and I can tell you that the remodel you refer to was done about 15 years ago, when few but the original owners knew what they had. Last November we visited one of the Palo Alto neighborhoods and were, for the most part, delighted with what we saw. I think if you were to visit us again, you would see more houses that conform to the original Eichler aesthetic. We love our neighborhood, and if you're ever in town, please knock on our door.
Frank Nolan
17161 Lisette St.
Granada Hills, CA 91344

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1 (last time I currently went by) Eichler for sale on Jimeno that has been reduced to 770-it's been badly remuddled and the atrium enclosed-if there are potential owners up to the tasks of undoing alot of this stuff this is the opportunity. I think there is one also two houses south of it as well that it being prepped for sale and need a lot of stuff undone-same floor plan and the same challenge and opportunity.

Wishing for modern home.

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