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Does anyone want ORIGINAL 1965 floor tiles for FREE?

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My husband and I just bought a 1965 Eichler in San Francisco. We had hoped to save the original floor tiles throughout the entire 2,600 sqr. ft. house which were covered by wall to wall carpet. We bought the house from the original and ONLY owners of this Eichler so we KNOW these are authentic tiles. We are not sure what these tiles are made of... they are very brittle and have irregular "natural" impressions pressed into them at the factory. They are not a laminate. They are either wood composite with a veneer surface or they are stained asbestos. (yuck) :-(

We were disappointed to find that many of the tiles were damaged and had separated from each other due to either age, sun fading, water exposure or carpet glue (though many are OK and in usable condition). We could have mixed and matched them to have a few rooms with original floors - but in the end, we decided to replace the entire house with a consistent flooring.

We hate the idea of throwing away a little piece of history so they are FREE to a good home - even if it's not an Eichler ;-) You'll just need to arrange to pick them up at our San Francisco house.

The upstairs living room/dinning room had 12" creamy whitish tiles. The room size is 16' x 33'. Two third of these tiles survived the tear out in-tact. Half are covered in glue (from the carpet pad) the other half are just really dirty. My guess is they could all be cleaned and reused.

The 3 bedrooms downstairs had 9" tan tiles. The approx square footage is 44' x 16'. MANY of these tiles are OK and just need a good cleaning.

If anyone is interested please contact me ASAP at
We want to keep moving, so we won't store these indefinitely!

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I can't say much about the 12" tiles but I strongly suspect the 9" are of the era of asbestos tiles. As such, you would probably do well to dispose of them rather than pass them on to anyone else. And take appropriate precautions for their removal and transport.

Asbestos tiles should not be disposed of in regular garbage/landfills. Instead, find out about the hazardous waste disposal program for your city and call them.

Hope I'm not out of line voicing this suggestion. I just hate to see people take chances with their health or their family's.


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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I just replaced the original linoleum tiles in my living/dining room, hallway and 4 bedrooms. The installer that had the task of removing the tiles said they were very difficult to remove compared to other Eichlers he has done. No tile came up in a single piece, just small chips. It was back-breaking work (for him).
I was told by the Santa Clara Country Hazardous Waste department I could double-bag them in heavy-duty plastic trash bags and drop them off at any of their drop-off sites. I ended up with 26 bags. In retrospect, we should have used more bags as some of them were very heavy, and tended to rip even with double bagging.
I made an appointment (a couple actually) and they took care of them.

Chuck (West San Jose)

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