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Joined: Jan 2 2010

Hello. We just recently moved into dad's Eichler. He replaced the original door with a door that looks so out of place on this house. We are going to change the door but are not sure about the color. The house is a neutral grey, so I think any color will work well. There are plenty of red and orange doors around the neighborhood, so we want something a little different. I would love a blue door and hubby wants purple. Are these colors appropriate for an Eichler. Are there colors that we should stay away from or does anything go?

Joined: Jan 14 2010

there is a eichler color pallet, but when we remodeled our home our designer did colors inherent of the eichler style with more oranges, pastel blues and various greens. ultimately remember its your home. initially when our designer said our kitchen cabinets were going to be lime green we said 'huh?', but we love it now. interior doors are luan (philipine mahogony) hollow core doors which are very close to original doors that I bought for $43.94.

hope this helps


Joined: Jan 14 2010

upon looking at your post again. i realized you were referring to the front door. in that case tell your husband booo with his purple door.

Joined: Aug 25 2005

How about Green??? Your door doesn't have to be an original Eichler color, it just has to go with the house and if it has a fun twist to it, then great.
Purple sounds nice if you match it with the right exterior color.

Castro Valley

Joined: Aug 16 2007

Our front door is originally (and still) eggplant purple. Simply awesome.

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