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Model E-111 4 bed atrium flat roof/trellis front facade-

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Anshen and Allen model 1959 please! does anyone have this home who has any info on the blueprints for sheer walls, plumbing lines, radiant pipes near master bath area?

Water pouring into top front of garage doors due to there is NO shade/ roof over the front of this model's garage, rain is soaking our interior front redwood beam in garage.

Info regarding replacing bathtub in guest bath- is there plain dirt under tub or is it concrete?

slab soaking in water from "planting cutout areas" in back and side patio areas when it rains, pooling right next to house, remedies?

thanks , we really need to find some other E-111 to brainstorm with.

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I have this model.

Regarding the water pouring in the front: is your roof's slope off or are some down spouts clogged? The owners before us actually had a downspout installed in the middle of the garage, proof of a problem with the original design. We had this removed when we re-roofed. The solution was a combination of changing the slope and adding some bigger downspout openings.

The guest bath had plain dirt under the tub.

I'm surprised about the slab soaking up water. Sounds like a grading issue. Does your yard and/or patios slope toward the house? Where do your down spouts empty. The solution could be as simple as running the downspouts a few feet away from the slap. There are also water proofing paints that do a pretty good job of sealing concrete, but I don't see how you'd stop the water transfer from under the house without solving the grading issue.

If you have very serious drainage problems, you may need to install a dry well.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, we will need a new roof sooner than hoped. we also have a bad roofing job done by previous owners, drain pipe added smack in middle of our garage roof also. this is THE most HEAVILY draining gutter out of all of them. it pours a river, which then surrounds our side yard and floods garage later... ha.

what did you do with the dirt under tub? did you pour more concrete? The original tub is solid, ugly, functional and cold, as that bathroom seems to stay very cold and radiant seems to ignore heating that room and the atrium/office room at the end of all bedrooms. we had radiant heat rechecked and fixed, but these 2 rooms are COLD and so is that huge heavy tub. should we take it out? how dd that go for you?

the front trellis area is dripping from the wind /rain alone, not from the rood, and the gap between sliding doors seems to be a good 2-3 inches, I can't think of how to remedy this and have a dry garage.

also, this model has a built up fireplace ledge about 8 inches high, a bench- sort of. cinderblock orange puke colored finish-original. I want to plaster/cement it over so it is smooth and wall like, imagine DWELL magazine type slit style fireplace inserted after changing front face/ seat area. what do you think? I don't find this fireplace to be that beautiful in the scope of original eichler fireplaces...

our mistlite panel hallway is LONG and COLD. what have you done with this? any more ideas always welcome.
i can send you a link to our blog if you' re interested in exchanging ideas during our remodel?

thanks, rebekah

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So your hallway is all glass? Interesting. Mine has a single piece of clear glass near the office. The rest is siding. It was dark so we added a skylight. I considered going with all glass when we remodeled, but was talked out of it. Your only solution may be to add double panes. A NaNa wall might be cool.

We left the dirt and put down a vapor barrier. I would think that the cold is more likely coming from the exterior wall than the dirt. We had to replace almost all of our siding, so we were able to add new insulation. If you remodel, you can probably add rigid insulation under the tub.

We also suffered from no heat in the front bedrooms. We were able to mostly solve this by playing with the manifold in the second bedroom's closet. Now only the 4th bedroom is cold. One of these days I'm going to add a mini split AC/heat unit to solve the no heat problem and to give me AC in the summer (I work from home and this is the office).

We don't have the same problem with water in the garage. We get some water, but figure it's a garage.

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yes, hallway is entirely composed of 5 large panels of mistlite obscure glass sitting between the posts, it is narrow but filled with light. you can view it at :

we do not have radiant manifold valves in a bedroom, only n a hallway closet. where are you putting the mini split system 's unit? on dog run on side of house bordering bedrooms?

how does one expand the master shower with valves from heat on back wall of shower in sliding closet doors?
this is very hard to remodel! shower is so small we bump our elbows!

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