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Door/Window Trim?

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Joined: Jul 27 2014

My wife and I just bought an Eichler and the previous owner had made some... interesting design decisions throughout the house. I'm talking shutters on the floor to ceiling windows, windowed doors leading to the master bedroom, chair rail around the living room, Roman column trim around the windows and doors. Definitely a project house!

First thing I did was remove both the chair rail and the trim, but now I'm left wondering how to handle what's left? The original mahogany paneling is gone, so the whole house has sheet rock. Leaving everything naked seems not quite right, but so does putting in more standard trim. I can't quite find any pictures online of how other Eichlers (particularly those that have been updated) handle this situation, since most images focus on the floor to ceiling windows and not on the doors or other windows.

Any suggestions?