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Downspouts get clogged with pine needles--flat roof Eichler.

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Have tried a wire bulb shaped cage but the needles just mat around it and block the water.  Have the original downspouts--2" downspout hole.  It is my neighbor's tree.  Have looked online for ideas.  Am getting too old to climb on roof and check spouts.  Any ideas?

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If your roof is built up (tar and gravel) it is a good investment to hire someone to clear away accumulated leaves, etc once or twice a year. The decomposition products of the organic matter accelerate the failure of the tar.
We've been in our flat-top reverse JE-73 since 1971. My wife thinks I'm too old, too.
We have found that a hose and spray nozzle usually works to clear the stuff that accumulates in the 90 degree turns just below the roof deck. Perhaps you could fashion an inverted 'J' shaped device of plastic pipe, one where the short leg of the J fits over the opening on the roof and the long leg projects down the outside wall. A ball-valve to control water flow  and a hose fitting would complete the tool. At worst, a mirror on a stick would help you locate the short leg over the downspout.
What do you think?

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I've always used those bulb-shaped wire mesh downspout filters from the gutter section at your local hardware store. (I always got mine at OSH, but I believe the big name stores have them as well). Best to clean off the leaves and drain any water on the roof first. I don't believe anything is 100% effective, but they sure help me. Hope this helps.
Sorry, I read the headline and not your post. I wonder if they make those bulbs in a smaller wire mesh, or if something can be made out of some metal screen. Maybe try rolling a small amount in a cone shape and sticking that in first, then the wire bulbs (to help hold it in) maybe?

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I am in need of an original door nobs for our service room. These have a round knob, no key. The interior spring is shot. 
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