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East Bay Eichler Neighborhoods

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Does any one know of a map showing the Eichler neighborhoods in the East Bay
including Oakland, Walnut Creek, and Concord? If not could you tell me the street names? I am going to be visiting those areas and want to look at some of the Eichler enclaves.

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I can help a bit. The Oakland Eichlers are located on Hansom Drive, Coach Drive, Shay Drive, and Phaeton Drive off of Keller Avenue.
From Highway 580 take the Keller exit and travel east up the hill on Keller. Take a left on Hansom and start touring.

The area is not far from the Oakland Zoo and the San Leandro border.

As for the Walnut Creek Eichlers, Rancho San Miguel is located off of Ygnacio Valley Blvd. When traveling east on Ygnacio, take a right on San Carlos. You will see the Rancho San Miguel sign.

Newer Walnut Creek Eichlers are further east on Ygnacio. When traveling east, take a right on Wiget Lane. I know there are Eichlers on Clyde, and I think Wiget.

Also, there are some more Walnut Creek Eichlers near the Boundary Oaks Golf Course, look near Valley Vista and Pazzi Rd.

Sorry, I can't help with the Concord Eichlers.

Have a great time and let us know what you see.

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2 tracts
1. 1600 Block of West St. N. of Clayton Rd. tract is on the east side, I believe you enter on Salem St.
2. 3600 Block of Gainsborough Dr. (Walnut Acres?) just east of Concord Community Park between Cowell Rd. & Clayton Rd.

There are some well kept ones and some remuddles and some that need help of those who can appreciate their design provenance.

Wishing for modern home.

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You didn't mention Castro Valley, which is also in the east bay. There are about 200 Eichlers here and, as far as I can tell, there are only two two-story additions, both on Highwood. As you come up Greenridge Road, you will notice that there are a few spots with a non-Eichler or two or three. These are not remodels or tear-downs. Originally there were to be small parks in these areas, but that didn't happen and houses were later built on those lots. Most of the houses have been left intact except for front doors. For some reason, there are quite a few front-door replacements - some nice-looking, some a little out of place - and a few atrium covers.

There are quite a few original owners around here so we've been able to hear some of the history of our development, which was built in two phases - 1960 and 1963.

The homes are off of Crow Canyon Road on Greenridge Road, Highwood, Cotton Court, Lomond, Badger, and Crown Court.

Castro Valley

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There are also some Eichler look a like homes in Fremont area in the Southpark neighborhoods. In Grimmer and Valpey Park Ave., Grimmer and Seneca Park, and Grimmer and Yellowstone Park.

Here's a link -

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I live in a Gainsborough Dr. Eichler in Concord. Very well kept up neighborhood. Wilson lane area there is more and there's a few other spots in Concord with some older ones.
Mine was built in '64 and I'm the third owner. Bought it off my in-laws who owned it since '74. So, at least I know most of the history.


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Thanks everyone for the info.
Ji, I am surprised to find out about "likeler" homes in Fremont. Is the one in the photo yours? --it really has great curb appeal and beautiful landscaping! Did you do the landscaping yourself?

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