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East Bay Roofing Contractor

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Joined: Mar 31 2003

Has anyone out there dealt with either Walnut Creek Roofing or Sierra Roofing? WC Roofing came in with a very low bid which makes me a bit nervous. Conversely, Sierra came in much higher but strikes me as slightly more reputable. My wife and I have a tar and gravel roof that we are looking to replace with t&g and any info on these, or any other East Bay contractors, would be greatly appreciated. Please no FOAM vs. T&G debates. We respect those choosing to go with foam but in our case we are going with T&G.

Per Chatterbox ground rules, if you have recommendations, please e-mail their names and contact info directly to me via e-mail at bryan1970 AT earthlink DOT net

SIDE NOTE: Our Eichler was utilized for Hold Everything's Holiday Catalog which is coming out any day now. Apparently, several Eichlers were used so it should make for interesting reading. :)

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You might take a look at some local Diamond Certified companies. They check out the people very carefully...license, insurance, and actually call customers until they have interviewed 100 recent past customers (every two years). If you were going to spend a million dollars, you would not go to so much trouble. I know the investigation and rating is legitimate...we have run into people that has been turned down. We are familiar with several companies that are Diamond Certified, and every one is a class act.
Good Luck,
Randy at Dura-Foam

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