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Eichler Extension

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I am considering extending my Eichler sideways and hoping to claim up to 400 sq ft (20%) of additional space on the bedroom side of the house.

At this stage I would like to embark on a blueprinting exercise and once finalized obtain permits from Burlingame city.

Looking for advice from owners who have undergone a similar exercise and things to consider ahead of time. In my mind the big (costier) issues are:

- relocation or rezoning of plumbing
- radiant heating extension

I also welcome responses from GCs or anyone else qualfied for that matter to conduct this exercise. Looking for creativity in approach and sq foot maximization.



Joined: Jun 3 2010

Dear Alan,

Assuming you've already checked with the City and you know you'll be allowed to build your addition (the issue is your allowable side yard setback), there are several issues to consider when adding a beam bay (a sideways extension) to your house.

Are you planning to go past the eave overhang? If so, you'll need to replace some of your ceiling decking, and remember - the 2x8 decking used then differs from the 2x8 decking used now - most importantly, it was wider then. Therefore, you may have to custom mill 2x8 decking in rooms where you need the decking joints to line up... This will not be a problem if there's a wall in between the existing ceiling and the new ceiling.

Also, if you're eliminating most of a side wall, you'll probably be required to structurally upgrade that side of the house, with shearwalls and plywood on the roof (over the decking and under the roofing). Depending on the design you choose, you may have to affect more of the roof than just the portion of your addition.

As for the new plumbing, that's a relatively easy part since you'll be adding your waste lines where there was NOT a radiant slab before. You still may have to break some slab on the interior, but we've used furred-out walls in the past to hide sink drain lines that go from the existing area into the new plumbing waste line in the addition. The water supply can come over the roof (electrical and radiant tubing supply as well). You'll want to insulate on top of all these tubes, so make sure everything is installed BEFORE you redo your roof!

I think you should refer to this month's article on "Hire a Pro... in the Know" as your project is big enough for some professional assistance. Probably best handled by an architect working in conjunction with a structural engineer, with a general contractor brought on for construction.

Good luck to you!


Joined: Jun 3 2010

You're welcome!

Joined: Jun 3 2010

Sorry only reading the response now, as i dont get notified through email. thanks for the time spent responding to this John.

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