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Eichler Flooded, Need Contractor Help!

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We purchased our Sunnyvale Eichler several months ago.  It was in original condition and we've spent the last several months trying to update and restore it.  Rather unfortunately, last night a hot water pipe the feeds the washer burst and flooded the house.  Our new cork floor is a loss and the contractors are planning to saw off the bottom 4" of our Lauan panelling to dry the studs which are obviously wet based on some of the staining.  We were really hoping to save the panelling and was hoping someone here could recommend a contractor who could skillfully remove the panelling intact.  We need this done in the next couple of days so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Our original kitchen and bathroom cabinets are also water damaged.  Longer term, we'll need a cabinet maker to replace all of our kitchen cabinets and the one in our master bath.  Anyone have a recommendations?  Or a general contractor who might have some expertise adhereing to the midcentury aesthetic in this area?