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eichler "pagoda"/"jar" lights available

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Joined: Apr 19 2007

we're helping a friend with some work on his 1958(?) eichler in terra linda and have some lights that we'd like to offer back to the community (for anyone who's restoring, etc.).

these lights have a thin plastic jar-like shade (looking almost like a paper lantern) and we believe they were original to the house.

similar, if not exactly like the light here (top left corner of image):

we have the hardware for all of them, but i think only 2 small and 1 large shade survived -- they're quite brittle from age. the hardware is for flush ceiling mount as well as hanging. interestingly, the shades themselves are interchangeable.

i'll have pictures up, but until then, drop me a line if it's something you're interested in ($50/light or a price for the whole kabooble). due to the fragility of the shades, shipping is impossible -- pickup in concord only.

Joined: Apr 19 2007

we still have these and would love to clear them from the garage... i'd guess many folks in terra linda could use a replacement shade, no?

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