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Eichler Ribbed Glass

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Joined: December 8, 2014

Our  1951 Eichler had a tragedy and 2 of our Rib glass panes were broken. These are texture glass with ribs spaced one inch apart. Its formal name is "one inch texture Flutex". It is still manufactured using a one half inch spacing on the ribs. Unfortunately, this will not match the remaining glass. One inch is been out of production for a number of years and its distributor AGC currently has not intention of bringing it back. So I am looking for help in trying to find somebody who is remodeling and replacing or taking our their Flutex glass. To be more precise we need one piece 33" 1/5 Wide X 35" 1/5 high. The other one is 8" 1/4 wide by 80" 1/2 inches. If any body can point me to a source I would really appreciate it. Dave 650 833 8866 [email protected]