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Outside door with glass insert

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Hello! I'm new to this Forum.  I bought my Eichler 18 months ago and am a single woman without any "handy" skills. I do have a lot of good helpers though.
In my guest bathroom, which is very small, there is a door which exits to the side of the house. To open up the bathroom with more light and a more spacious feel, I want to replace the exisiting solid door with a door with an opaque insert. I have someone to install the door but wonder if there is any source in particular I should look at to find an "Eichler-esque" door.
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In our Eichler:
We wanted an outside view plus privacy, despite building codes forbidding large windows near bathroom showers. Got it by replacing original solid door with one containing a top to bottom clear glass panel and an operable blind inside it.  Added same style blind to the adjacent window.  

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