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Eichler-style fencing

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Joined: Apr 21 2003

I'm looking for sources for Eichler-style fencing to replace my orignal fence in the Greenmeadow neighborhood in Palo Alto.

Andrew Zeif

Joined: Mar 22 2003

Hi Andrew:

There is a guy, Jeff Nichols, that produces authentic Eichler siding. He lives in the East Bay, advertises on this site, and will deliver. What some have done is to have a fence contractor build the the fence and then cover it with Eichler siding. This is what we tried to do, although we did it before finding out about the availabitly of authentic siding. Our fence guy found siding that was similar, but not exact, and used it. It looks pretty good and I can e-mail you photos, if interested. It would at least give you a sense for the possiblitites.


Joined: Apr 28 2003

We also need fencing and would be curios to see what yours looks like. Can you email me photos also? I'm at Thank you ahead of time.


Joined: Apr 21 2003

Some photos of your siding would be great. I've exchange email with Jeff who says you simply need to coordiante between your fence contractor and him so that the fence is designed to accomodate the siding. Not a big deal but something you need to do in advance.

My email is for the photos.

Joined: May 11 2003

Hi Cathye. We just moved in and need to build a fence. I'd like to see some pictures too. Thanks very much.

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