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Eichlers in San Jose, near San Jose City College

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Does anyone know any of the history of these? Were they built by Eichler? There are 3-4 streets perpendicular to Fruitdale, between Leigh and Meridian, near 280.

There is a house for sale in this neighborhood that is closer to our price range than the Eichlers in Willow Glen. Would appreciate any information people have about these, and if anyone lives in this neighborhood, pros and cons of the neighborhood.

I grew up across 280 in the Burbank neighborhood, so I'm more interested in information specific to this "micro-neighborhood", the types of people who live there, how friendly the neighbors are, how many kids in the neighborhood, etc., rather than the area in general.

Thanks for any help,

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These are Eichlers, I looked at them some years ago as a potential purchase. As I recall, they were built in 1952-1953 as I recall, and there are some nice plans with redwood interiors, etc. According to Jerry Ditto, who was listing the house I was looking at years back, and seems to know a lot about this particular development, Eichler used this tract to try many new plans out, and I recall counting as many as ten unique designs in this small enclave. I think it is one of the last "bargain" areas for Eichlers in Santa Clara County. Good luck.


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Yes these are in fact Eichler's. I think it is a great neighborhood! My wife and I bought our Eichler there about 4 monthes ago and we love it. There is a neighborhood association (don't worry, dues are $12.00 a year and it is optional to join). The association works hard for the neighborhood though, and they even put out a monthly newsletter. The neighbors (on our street anyhow) are great! The are very freindly. Everyone waves to each other and my wife and I know about half the people that live on our street by first name.

As far as kids there are a few. My wife and I have an eigh month old and our neighbors have two kids, and the people three houses down have a two kids.

Another thing about the neighborhood are the homes themselves. I have heard as well that it was sort of an "experimental neighborhood". You will see many differnent designs and features in some of these houses not seen in any other Eichlers that I am aware of. Many of the homes in the neighborhood (ours included) are very very original. Our house had all it's original paneling and original kitchen cabinets. Our 1953 building permit was still hanging in the garage when we moved in!

Some of the "downsides" of the neighborhood (and they are minor in my opinion) are noise issues. You will get some game nosie and parking issues when games are going on at the college. Also there is the occasional helicopter going into Valley Med. as well as what I would consider normal traffic noise and aircraft noise for that part of town.

Well, I don't want to ramble on too long, but as I have already stated a few times we love the neighborhood and think it is a great place to live. Hope that helps

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At least one or two of the long-time owners in San Jose's Fairglen neighborhood (circa 1958-1960) had originally bought in that neighborhood, then moved to Fairglen when the larger houses were built.

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