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An Eichler Mention in Newsweek

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Joined: Apr 26 2003

Just thought everyone would want to know that Joseph Eichler was mentioned in an article regarding the problems with current homebuilding and "McMansions".

"Occasionally, a visionary developer, such as Joseph Eichler in California, used good modern architects to design his subdivisions. Today they’re high-priced collectibles."

Joined: Aug 28 2003

:) Thanks for the link, Jeff
When I read the Newsweek article that mentioned that Eichler's are high priced collectibles I couldn't help wondering if the land value had more to do with that than with their inherent collectibility. (In real-estate parlance, Location, Location, Location!). As much as I love Eichlers I think all homes in the Bay Area have become "highly prized collectibles".

Joined: Mar 20 2003

Leslie: I saw the "high priced collectible" thing and cringed. It's fair to saw the unknown ranch down the street is also a high priced collectible in Bay Area real estate.

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