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Eichler's in SF

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Joined: Dec 17 2003

Does anyone know where Eichler homes are in the city of San Francisco or where I might find out? My husband and I would like to consider buying in the city and are curious about neighborhoods.


Joined: Mar 20 2003

Can't find the link to the archive on this topic, but here's the short answer:

1. Diamond Heights houses are on Duncan on the south side between Cameo and Amethyst, on Cameo (mixed with non-Eichlers on the both sides), on the west side of Amethyst, and on Amber (both sides also mixing into non Eichlers at each end of the street).
2. Cathedral Hill (Western Addition) Co-op flats in 3 story buildings are between Ellis and Cleary at Laguna, below St. Mary's cathedral
3. High rises are a) next the the Co-op flats and St. Mary's at 66 Cleary and b) at 999 Green on Russian Hill (the Eichler Summit)
4. Brick faced townhome condos at Argonaut and Sunnydale in Visitacion Valley are among the lowest sq. ft/$ real estate in SF

That's it for Eichler's in SF, there were twin high rise towers in Visitacion Valley next to (4) which were demolished in 1998, which could make one more sad case study about the failure of urban high-rise modern low-income housing projects (as if another case needs to be made).


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