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Expansion - seeking new window ideas

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We are thinking of expanding our atrium Eichler by moving the front wall out (increasing the size of the tfront wo bedrooms and closets). This seems a pretty common remodel. In the process, we would also probably install new windows in that wall to let in more light. Plus, I've never quite got use to not having any windows that face the street.
So my sunlight loving husband, cheerfully suggested that we could put in bay windows. :shock: (Fortunately) I would like to keep the Eichler look. Anyone have suggestions for where I could find windows that would keep an Eichler vertical look and bring in the light like bay windows.

Also, those two bedrooms are the coldest part of the house already but I don't think I would try to expand the current radiant heat since it can't be zoned. Any suggestions on supplemental heat options and/or flooring. (One room would remain a bedroom and the other an office/playroom.)


Joined: Feb 11 2008

Just a thought about ideas for windows. You might think about having something custom done for the new windows in the front of the house. The window company could help design windows that kept the style of the Eichler homes, vertical with a lot of glass surface. You could match them to what you have already.

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There are plenty of models with both clearstory windows across the top of the wall and a couple of vertical strips of glass in each of the front bedrooms. I’d try to copy those details.

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