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Floor plan found, no number; Help ID

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Joined: Sep 9 2010

Next week we move in to our Eichler (Willow Glen, Curtner & Dumbarton) and I finally have found a floor plan pic, but no model number. On page 24 and 25 of Eichler Homes: Design for Living is our plan and was hoping someone with more knowledge than myself could put a model number to it. I'd scan it, but the printer is already packed up.

If anyone sees us moving in next weekend, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. We'd love to meet the neighbors and other Eichler owners to get their thoughts on adding a second story. Just kidding, but I had to after reading all the 'friendly' banter on the subject.


Joined: Apr 18 2011


I'm new to the Chatterbox Lounge, but NOT to Eichler living. I don't live your particular neighborhood, but I've lived in an Eichler off and on since 1961. I have a photocopy of an original Eichler sales brochures, so if you can send me a photograph of the front of your house, I believe I could easily tell you what your model number is.

-- Peter

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