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Formica Kitchen cabinet wood species?

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Joined: Nov 4 2003

I own a Foster City Claude Oakland Eichler built in 1968.

The kitchen still has all original cabinets as were the bathrooms when I bought it. They were finished with a very dark woodgrain formica.

Does anyone know what wood species the formica is trying to emulate?

The CA Modern had a great article on kitchen remodels and one was redone with Mahogony cabinets matchng the original design. When the time comes to do mine, I am thinking along the same lines. I like the idea of a wood species that matches my dark color. It looks to be Walnut to me or a generic wood grain with a color they formulated, does anyone have any ideas?

Any insights appreciated.


Joined: Mar 16 2005

Ours is a Claude Oakland soaring ceiling built in 1973. My wife said the Kitchen & both bathrooms have simulated Walnut laminate -- Walnut laminate is also used on the vertical surfaces (double oven tower, "cooktop island") and bathroom sink cabinets. Our countertops are white laminate.

I think Walnut is decribed as a medium brown with black veins, so your "dark brown" may not be simulated Walnut.

In any event, I have no fondness for the original material and look forward to replacing it and having modern draw-type storage. The particle frame/structure seems to be in good shape, but a complete replacement is what I would like to do.

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