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Free Operable Skylights

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Joined: Mar 27 2004

I have 2 operable skylights available which fit the original curbs in my Eichler.  Operable meaning that they can be opened and tilted up to provide ventilation.  They should fit any square curb with outer dimensions approximately 22 x 22 inches.  
As part of getting a new roof I replaced them with fixed skylights as required to meet current building codes because they were to close to plumbing vents.  They could use some cleaning, but had no leaks before being removed.  They are located in Sunnyvale and free to whoever wants them.      

Joined: Feb 17 2016

We might be able to use one of these for our garage - we have a leaky skylight (our house is a custom mid mod from 1963).
Do you still have these?

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