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Heywood Wakefield info, anyone?

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we just bought a Heywood Wakefield double bed this weekend... it's apparently from the Riviera line. We picked it up at something called Antiques Weekend out in the countryside (2,000 dealers) here in Texas. Anyway, can anyone tell me anything about it?

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You might be interested in a book titled simply "Heywood-Wakefield" by Harris Gertz, published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. (ISBN 0-7643-1338-X) --retails for 39.95 USD. Your favourite library might carry a copy. The pictures are great and they seem to have a picture for most pieces.

It's Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Collecting Heywood-Wakefield
- Finish and Restoration
- Identification
- Pricing
3. Bedrooms
4. Dining Rooms
5. Living Rooms
6. Utility Pieces
Appendix: Price Guide

The book indicates the color and condition of the finish greatly affects valuee. Suggesting that "wear and tear is not considered acceptable as it is on older furniture of other styles". Rather, that it is "like a vintage automobile in that a scratch never gives it more character". Be forewarned that while you might find minor imperfections (or their repair) acceptable, refinishing is not a do-it-yourself undertaking. I guess the milky-toned apaque finish is extremely difficult to duplicate.

Pg. 29 has pictures of the Riviera Nightstand (supposed value for item in fair condition given as $150-200) and the standing 4-drawer Riviera Chest (supposed value for item in fair condition given as $450-550). The descriptions reads:

"This first bedroom set that Heywood-Wakefield produced after World War II was basically a redesign of the Rio set. Centred handles gave Riviera a throw-back look to the pre-war desgins. It was the last of this style."

FYI, Schiffer also publishes "knoll funiture: 1938-60" ISBN 0-7643-0937-4 and "Fifties Furniture" 0-7643-0985-4. Website:

Hope this info was useful.


P.S. I found no reference to a Riviera bed --how did you determine that was the style? Was there a stamping or something?

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The dealer who sold it to us said it was a Riviera bed. He bought it at an estate sale in Midland, TX. Apparently there used to be a HW dealer in Midland so it must have come from there. The finish on the bed is "wheat". We're torn between getting it refinished in wheat and having it not look as good in the guest room or refinishing it in a different color (a sin for Heywood Wakefield pieces) but it would look better in the room. Our plan is not to resell it but to keep it for a long time. We're torn.

I can post a picture, if you'd like.

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