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HTHB Builders - Seattle

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I recently bought a home on Puget Sound in the Seattle area. The home was built in 1956 (12259 Shorewood Ln SW, Burien WA). It exhibits many Eichler characteristics, but I do not know anything about the home’s history. I was fascinated by the story on HTHB Builders and saw mention that a Seattle builder of McCormick participated. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to determine if my home was part of this program or who was the designer and builder? I am facing many Eichler type issues now like how to get power to my kitchen given the tongue and groove ceilings.


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I wrote the article that you mentioned. There was very little about McCormick in my resources for the article. Just a name and a city. I was able to track down a few HTHBs outside of the Kansas City Drummonds and the Bay Area Eichlers. Nothing in Seattle, but supposedly the Portland version has been found. I have not been able to confirm that.

If you send me pictures I can confirm whether it is an HTHB. I think Marty sent you my contact info.

You also might try contacting these people to see if they have heard of McCormick.

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