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If you are looking for Eichler numbers...

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Joined: Apr 2 2003

I'm not sure if everyone looking for Eichler house numbers that mimic the original style are aware of their options, so I thought I would mention a few.

- you can make them for yourself, see posting (cost of materials)

- you can have them made up by a fabrication company (approx.$200)

- you can have them made by some of our fellow Eichler owners (one source $125, another source $50, others??)

I am not recommending or endorsing any particular source or method. I simply wanted to put the information out there for people who are still in need of replacement house numbers.


P.S. If you want the contact info for the one or two Eichler owners I know who are making them, you can drop me a line eichfan AT rawbw DOT com

eichfan at rawbw dot com

Joined: Aug 28 2003
The above link may be of interest if you want to do more research on the correct "font".

Joined: Sep 8 2003

Any clue if those folks running that site are still doing this ...I have emailed several times with no response.

Joined: Aug 28 2003

I received the following information about the Eichler numbers via e-mail this morning from the owner of the company, Mark Block.

We were waiting to see how the first batch in our most recent
fabrication method turned out - this week. As it happens - it went very
Will update you after assembly of address sets using hardware / adhesive

Our initial use of cast urethane had mold problems [silicone from the
mold was being 'aquired' by the urethane parts - and was resisting paint
in some areas of the finish on the numbers]. We moved on to a method
we're more familiar with - lasercut acrylic with sprayed polyurethane
painted coating - and this appears to be best solution.

Will post pictures and new pricing online once ready to take orders.

Thank you [and anyone else you know] for your/their patience."

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