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Jerry Ditto

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Joined: Dec 25 2007

Some 15 yrs ago I became interested in buying an Eichler (especially after reading Jerry's book).

I hired him as my agent and over the next few months we must have looked at 3 dozen Eichlers.

Concurrently, we had to sell my home in Palo Alto. Jerry actually let me tag team with him in selling that home. He would start them off and then hand them over to me to finish up. It worked out great!

I selected a Sunnyvale Eichler on Ticonderoga Drive and happily lived there for 15 yrs. I recently retired and moved to the Monterey Peninsula.

I look back fondly on my dealings with Jerry. He was so enthusiastic about the Eichlers and it was a pleasure joining with him to find my dream home!

I will miss him.

Paul Galli