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Leaking Roof on Overhang

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Hey There Eichler Network, 
We have a bit of a mystery on our hands. We have some water dripping on the exterior overhang outside our bedroom window. We had Abril Roofing come out and check it out the roof. They think nothing is wrong with the roof or the drains and they would need to cut open the roof to figure out the issue. 
We since then have done some more digging on our own and have come to the conclusion that it is definitly NOT the drain from the roof, but we are stumped on what it could possibly be. 
Has anybody else had an issue like this? Somebody mentioned maybe termite holes that are not visible to the eye? We have our reservation about cutting open the roof, but we do have some electrical work that needs to get done in the same area. 
If you have had similair issues I would love to hear about them and what you found to be your solution? I want to avoid having to cut open the roof, if we can avoid it for right now. 
I have uploaded photos here:
Any insight or thoughts would be appriciated. 
Thank you