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light block out drapes for Eichler bedroom?

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Joined: April 20, 2003

Hi All,
Anyone know a good source for drapes for an Eichler bedroom? I need ones that block the light--either off-the-rack (if possible) or custom.


Joined: March 24, 2003

Since we are on nightshift, we had the same need...
i think i finally found some for sale retail through j.c. penny's? but a good drapery store should have blockout drapes.
the correct kind that will really block out the light is realy thick and heavy plastic/vinyl coated looking stuff.

i ended up making drape liners the first go-around with stuff that was supposedly 'block-out' fabric from my local fabric store, but it didn't give us that Las Vegas hotel room blockage.

i finally ended up finding the correct kind of blockout drape at an estate sale. Actually, that is where all of our vintage drapery window treaments have come from! if you go to enough estate sales - you will find nice used draperies- then take them to your cleaner and have them altered to fit - or fit them yourself after cleaning.

BTW I also have a large thick piece of foam stuck in our master bedroom skylight as there is no door between that area and the bed. That way it's not a permanent destruction of the original house plan - and yet provides nearly complete darkness there.

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