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Paint color of fireplace and block wall.

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Joined: Mar 28 2003

I've got a 1995 Greenmeadow/Palo Alto style Eichler in sacramento that I'm restoring to as close to original as is possible.

I'm a little stumped on the original color of the fireplace and block wall on the front. There are so many layers of paint I can't determine the original color. Does any one know the color? Is it the same color that the beams were painted, which on mine is a light beige, or were they painted a lighter color? In the new Eichler book, it appears--judging from the photo on page 64 that the fireplace is a shade lighter--closer to white.

Dane Henas

Joined: Mar 31 2003

To the best of my knowledge, all of the fireplaces were left unpainted originally. I've seen talk elsewhere on the board of sandblasting, etc. Mine is unpainted, and the natural color of the bricks is quite attractive.

Best of luck.

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