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Looking for Arcadia Sliding Glass Door Lock parts

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Joined: Feb 13 2013

Am looking to repair the lock on one of my sliding doors (slides to left).  From reading through the forum, I see that I might be able to order the part from

Could someone please tell me which model these locks might be, so that I can describe what I'm asking for?  Or if there is another source for the door lock.  The house is in San Mateo (19th Ave Park), built in 1956.


Joined: Apr 28 2007

I am trying to replace just the lock lever on pretty much all of my doors, early 60's model in Lucas Valley.  Is that what you're doing as well?  If so, check out  it appears to be an identical replacement size and shape-wise, with a livable color (as it matches the color panel on the interior panel).  I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet, but probably will soon.  But I'd like to research better how to correct the stiff/jammed lock that seems to cause the breakage in the first place.

The stiff inner workings appear to be held captive inside the door.  Any ideas how to remove it so that I can clean and lubricate it?

BTW, the doors are apparently Arcada 700 Series, in the off chance that helps.

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