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Mahogany paneling

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Where are people finding replacement Honduran Mahogany paneling? I have inherited a copy of a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian that was completely paneled in Honduran Mahogany. The home is in Provo Utah. My Uncle was the builder and always said it was Honduran Mahogany. Unfortunately, a former renter thought she would "improve" the bathroom by painting it bright pink. She had no idea who Frank Lloyd Wright was!!! Needless to say she was quickly evicted! Now I need to find Honduran Mahogany paneling to try to repair the damage and I can't find it. :(

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You don't say where you are located or how you know that the panelling is honduran mahogany (versus all the other varieties).

I would think any lumber yard that carries panelling should be able to order some for you. I got some through a local lumber yard in San Jose. I will tell you that it is more expensive than the Luan variety available through Home Depot, etc. You should expect it to be around $50 a 4x8 sheet. That's not to say, however, that it's better quality.

The quality of the stuff I got was very poor (found out too late). The veneer on the core was so thin it disappeared to nothing before it some corners of the sheet. That makes sanding prior to staining very difficult.

Good luck.

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It would probably be less expensive to replace the paneling, but you still might try to save it. The paint may not have penetrated the surface, and could possibly be scraped off. All of the polyeurethane coating on our walls were all sucessfully scraped and then sanded off without losing any of the veneer. Although in the end it would have been more economical to replace the entire paneling, I like the idea that I've restored the home while keeping the original materials. They also have a nice "aged" coloring to them that our new veneer doors don't have at all. good luck

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