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Need a Landscape Architect or Designer

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Joined: December 15, 2012

Hello, I live in a small San Mateo Eichler and need help redesigning my front, patio and back yards: hardscaping, trees and getting rid of unnecessary turf etc. Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced landscape architect or designer?
Please send your recommendations directly via a PM
Thank you, Karl

Joined: April 25, 2013

Hey there, Karl, I see your post was from 2015, with no responses. What did you end up doing? Who did you use? Would you recommend? I'm in Foster City, looking to relandscape the backyard. 

Joined: January 13, 2024

After almost 11 years in our Eichler townhome, we've finally moved forward on getting our yards done. We went with a Designer who lives in an Eichler and has done yard designs for other Eichler's in our area. She gave a few contractor choices and we chose one who we have been very happy with. The remodel is currently in progress, new concrete was laid on Friday. It was humid this past Friday so the contractor crew stayed past 9:30p to finish the concrete. We bought them pizza, but felt very sorry they stayed to work so late, but also really impressed with how seriously they took their craft.
This is our first remodel and we are really excited, and really thankful/relieved that we found such a good combination.
Our designer is Monika from MScape Designs. Our Contractor is Water Pivot.
They will be back on Monday to continue the work. So far so good. Monika stopped by today to check out the progress and she is pleased too. (Grandma who is visiting and has had this type of work done on her home is impressed too, she said these guys are more detailed than the people that worked on her home, she's taken a lot of photos to send to Granddad so he can see.)
Hope this helps. I can post some photos when it's all finished.

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