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New Front Door

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Joined: Jun 2 2016

Hi All - 
We have an original Eichler Front door that we want to replace to match the original. The top edge is slanted to match the frame of a low pitched roof.
The old door needed a new doorknob and deadbolt, which we ordered the escutcheon plate recommeded from this site.  We bought the original paint color from Benjamin Moore, Neptune Green and we are looking forward to painting it!
Can anyone recommend a company or general contracter in the Bay Area/Peninsula where we can order a custom door to fit and installation? We would prefer to get a new slab than patch up old holes and make new ones. The bottom of the door is beat up and already covered with weather strips.

Joined: Mar 19 2012

I'm in the similar situation.
I just ordered the escutcheon from Jonathan, and I'm looking for the door slab, and the contractor/handy man to help put the door in place.
I saw from posts a while back about Blank Birch slab door from southern lumber in San Jose, however, southern lumber is closed for good.

Anyone who has info about where to find the door slab in the Bay Area, and good recommendation on who to do the job is greatly appreciated!


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