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New here - looking at purchasing an Eichler

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Joined: Mar 6 2010

Hi, love this site. I'm new and just read the FAQ, trying to familiarize myself with Eichler pitfalls...b/c I love these houses and I think it's a great time to buy. I'm definitely a newbie, so aside from the roof issues and radiant heat issues (which seem to top everyone's list), and insulation concerns, what does everyone recommend I watch out for? I'm impressed at all the resources available, and I'm hoping to learn about everyone's experiences.

Thanks in advance,


Joined: Apr 2 2003

Welcome to the Eichler fan group ;-)

You don't say where you are looking to purchase. Perhaps indicating which communities you are considering will enable Eichler owners there to connect with you here.

I'd say, besides educating yourself (as you appear to be doing), using professionals familiar with Eichlers to do your inspections will help a lot. That means, when you find an Eichler you're interested in, bring in a Termite company who knows Eichlers, an Eichler radiant heat specialist, an Eichler roof specialist, etc.

Talking to next door/nearby neighbors of the potential home is a good idea--they are a great source of info on that home and area. They can tell you things about the house you'd won't learn anywhere else. Knowing the history of the house and the past owners will give you a better appreciation of the home and sometimes a better idea of what to address first.

Keep reading these forums. You might also want to contact Eichler Network by email to ask for a copy of their annual Home Maintenance Directory and subscription to CAModern (a hardcopy version of this site).


eichfan at rawbw dot com

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