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new veneer??

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Argh!! the floor stainers accidentally sprayed stain on the veneer walls. Don't know if the walls can be saved because they were already stripped when this happened. Still trying to find a solution, but just in case, can these veneer walls still be purchased? where?


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Hey Cindy -

sorry to hear about the stain. The paneling material is readily available, however it takes effort to match a new panel to an old panel. The color varies quite a bit, and matching a new panel to the patina on the old one -- well you can imagine. Home Depot in Camarillo usually has it (for some reason Thousand Oaks usually does not). Also, Roadside Lumber in Agoura Hills has it, and, for best quality and selection, Anderson Plywood on Sepulveda in West LA.

It ***might** work to sand the stain off and spot-refinish it. Seems like it couldn't have penetrated too far into the existing mahogany. I sanded dark varnish off of our dining room walls without too much trouble.

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Joined: Mar 20 2003

you were right about the sanding. we hand sanded most of it off. I was afraid to because the walls had already been stripped. But I think it will be okay. Regardless I'm retaining 25% of the floor finisher's price in case anything else goes wrong. Thanks for the shopping info. Good to know because there is one panel where bubbling has occured, and I'm not sure if we will be able to save that panel....

thanks again

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