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Noise Solutions - can anyone reach them?!

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Joined: Jan 6 2004

We had "the great Eichler Windows" installed a couple of years ago by Noise Solutions. Now one of them is badly bowed and so it is not creating a seal -- a lot of moisture is accumulating behind there. I've called several times asking for them to come fix this -- I've always gotten the answering machine and they have not called back. What gives? Elizabeth

Joined: May 28 2003

Assuming there is only 1 Noise Solutions, the following URL:

shows that their contractor's license is currently not active. Not a good sign.

FYI - this site is extrememely valuable. For those unfamiliar, you can check on the status of a contractor's license by name or by number. (I received a reposnse to my request for a contractor to repave my driveway; however, I just checked and that contractor has an invalid license).

In regard to other ongoing discssions, Abril roofing has a valid license (and yes Able does not). Also, don't assume that a license is valid just because someone is adevertising on this site. There is at least one invalid license - Robert Hart Construction - that is advertising on this site under "Handyman".

Also, chack to see when a license is due to expire. If your contracting job might be lengthy, and the license is due to expire soon, you can get hosed if the license expires in the middle of the job.

Finally, check out any company on an online BBB site (often you have to track down the BBB site where the contractor is located - this can be a little difficult in the Bay Area, as there are a number of BBB sites that cover the area). For example, you have to go to the Oakland site to find Able Roofing:
They have a good recors; however, I notice that they no longer are a member of the BBB (they were at one point - then again, they were also in business at one point). Abril Roofing can also be found on this site, and they are a BBB member.

Joined: Jan 14 2004

In response to Gornish. Although it is a good idea to check out a contractor through the License Board, their web site is sometimes months behind with its information. In the case of my company, ROBERT HART CONSTRUCTION, the information posted is not current. The standing was posted incorrectly following our business name change to a corporation status. Our license is currently in good standing. It Is always a good idea to research deeper when you find a question, rather than jump to a quick conclusion. Our company is readily available via phone or e-mail.

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My intention wasn't to say that an expired license means a contractor *is* in bad standing. Rather, they *might* be in bad standing. And yes, one can/should futher check into the license situation.

In retrospect, perhaps I should not have singled out one company - I was just trying to give an example. Apologies to this contractor.

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Hey Mr. Hart,
We met at the Celebrating Eichlers show last year. Yes, you are correct the CSLB has a backlog (it took me 6 months to add a C10 classification to my license where last year, it only took a month) and they can take 3 months to update any changes to licensing info. For more complet5e info, it is better to call them as well, (although it is tough to get through on the phones). I hope you things are going ok up there. See you at the next show. :wink:


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