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Obscure Glass recommendations

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I read a post here sometime back about the obscure glass that fronts the atrium. I am looking to replace mine and could not find the post to locate the source. I believe the post was from Barry Brisco.

I would appreciate it if someone has saved the post and could point me to it, or have recommendations for replacing the obscure glass.



Joined: Oct 10 2003

most glass places should be able to find a replacement, although it may not be exactly exact.... I've had Franciscan Glass out of Palo Alto quote a replacement piece, and Renaissance Man construction as well.

If you're replacing all the panels at once, I think any of the replacements are cloe enough to get you the proper look. If you're replacing one of several, they may not look exactly the same. My 3 panels all appear slightly different, but you really have to look closely to notice.

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