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Radiant Floor Heating Distribution Valves

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Joined: Mar 29 2005

Does anyone have experience adjusting the radiant floor distribution valves? Some of my distribution lines seem to be cold while others are warm to the touch. I've tried opening the valves on the lines that are cold but it doesn't seem to make any difference how much I turn them. 

In order to adjust the valves do I need to only turn them a slight amount or do they need to be turned alot?

Which way do they need to be turned to open the valve? to the Right or Left?

Thanks for any advise you have.

Joined: Mar 29 2005

No advice from anyone regarding the radiant heating distribution valves? Someone must have been through this issue with their system sometime. Anyone?

Joined: Jan 25 2013

We just did this a few days ago during a system checkup. The valves are not a spring type, so they do not screw in or out to close. They ARE a ball valve (with a bore through the ball). You have to slightly loosen the nut collar around the center slotted adjuster on each valve. I believe it is a 5/8th wrench. Use only the exact size, not pliers or an adjustable wrench.  Once the collar is loosened turn the adjuster in either direction to adjust the water flow through that valve. When the adjuster slot is straight up and down, it is in the fully opened position. So the difference between fully opened and fully closed is only a quarter turn (again in either direction).  You may need to adjust some of them more closed to direct more heat to the colder ones.

Remember to tighten the collars back up when finished, but not too much as they are soft metal and can strip with too much force.

Good Luck

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