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Radient heat schematics

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I have one of the early Eichlers on Wildwood Lane - west side of the street with copper pipes. The front bedroom has an awful musty odor. No mildew, and am now down to the studs.

Someone will check for a leak in the system and if that is the problem, we obviously have to find the leak. If anyone has a schematic for the 3 bedroom/1bath Eichlers on or near Wildwood Lane in Palo Alto I would love to contact you.

Thank you

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Sorry, but unfortunately I do not.
If anyone needs to see an original I have mine, a 4/2 model in concord.


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I would love to get a schematic of the radient heating for a 4/2 in Concord. I have the 1656 sq ft model.

Please let me know how you want to give me the info.


Learning more about Eichlers....

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