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re piping the house and moving them on the roof!

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Joined: Feb 7 2014

Hi all, 
I have a drinking water leak thru slab in the kitchen area. I am thinking to spend the repair $$$$ instead for re routing the water pipes on the roof for, the kitchen and two bath rooms. I was wondering how much it might cost and if anybody has done this and who do you guys recommend! 
Any comments/suggestions appreciated! 

Joined: Feb 21 2014

Hi there, 

Unfortunately, I have a similar problem!  Just found out today that our Washer & Kitchen Sink Drain is corroded!  The plumber came out today and tried to snake the drain, but saw mud on his snake, so thinks it's completely corroded.  He says they need to dig up the slab in our living room, as the drain goes from one end (the Kitchen/Front yard end) to the backyard where the main sewer/lateral line is).  It's either that direct route, or they dig up the front yard patio, go through the garage, and through the slab in the TV room, but then it's a longer route and they'd destroy not only the floor in our TV room, but also our backyard patio.  So, then the cost of re-doing the Patio in the front and backyard.  Or, who knows the damage this would do to the kitchen, cabinets, etc?  We can't afford to replace everything!  Such a shame to do this just to have a FUNCTIONING house!  I wish someone had warned me before buying a concrete slab house!

If you find a good plumber, and found out if the re-routing to the roof is feasible, let me know!! would love to hear of your solution!

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