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remodeling my kitchen have antique thermador stove top, oven

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Joined: Jan 1 2008

looking for a way to sell my vitage Thermador cooktop with griddle, oven and warming drawer. Any suggestions

Joined: Jan 27 2008

Funny you should ask. I am remodelling my kitchen as well and have an 80s vintage cooktop Model CV2136 as well as a 1984 Thermador Convection/double oven with the microwave up top (model MCM255).
I am gutting my entire kitchen. These appliances are old, but the quality of these is so great I'm wondering if anyone ever refurbishes them and actually keeps them. It would be so great if I could just pop on some more modern knobs and maybe a later style electric coil/element because the stainless look hasnt really changed otherwise.
Am I nuts? Worth it? Would they look dumb in a new kitchen? Anyone got tips on knobs that may fit etc?


Joined: Jan 25 2009

I'm that rare person who might actually want a vintage Thermador stovetop and/or oven. We have a house built in the 1950's that has 2 side-by-side Thermador ovens and a 45" Thermador cooktop. The cooktop works great, but it's electric, and we really want gas, so if that's what you have, especially if it's from the 1950's, please let me know! (And if anyone wants a 1950's electric cooktop, let ME know!)

The ovens... I love the look of them in our antique kitchen, and they worked fine when we bought the house last summer, but now one doesn't work and the other gets hotter than it should. We had a repair guy out last week, and I thought all was fixed... then 2 days later, I had the same issues as before he came - so he'll be back this week. The ovens are side by side, so I guess that's not a "double oven," just 2 ovens mounted next to each other.

Anyway, yes, our kitchen looks like it's from the 1940's or 1950's, and we want to keep it that way - so YES, we're interested in vintage Thermadors! (It would be a shame to switch to another brand, if we can keep any of the ones we have working and replace those that don't.)

Joined: Mar 17 2009

I remodeled my 1950 kitchen that had working electric Themador oven and cooktop. The cooktop has l large burner, 2 small burners and in place of the other large burner is a deep-well (slow cooker) unit. I am interested in selling both of them to anyone interested. Look forward to hearing from interested parties.
Thanks - Tese

Joined: Mar 17 2009

I live in Philadelphia and recently bought a house that has a 1950's Thermadore stove and oven. They are not working and I would like to replace them. Some of you are looking to sell yours. Could you give me an idea of what you want for them?
Thanks, Despina

Joined: Mar 28 2009

I might be interested in any available original Thermador appliances. I have just bought an Eichler in Souther California (Balboa Highlands) and intend to restore the kitchen to it's original look, (though, honestly, I am debating putting in new Thermador stuff just for functionality). Still, if anyone has stuff to sell, let me know. Tese, do you still have yours?

You can contact me off boards at


Joined: Aug 8 2009

Did any of you had any experience with Houston remodeling? I am planning a remodeling project myself and this company seems the more convenient for me, they are local. I would like to hear a second opinion before calling them.

Joined: May 12 2010

Your thing is very old I guess but the quality is still in good virtue. Remodeling it means a lot of things to be considered. One is the preservation of uniqueness of this thing, not unless you are not satisfied withe physical attribute of it.

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Joined: Jun 6 2010

I am remodeling my eichler, and want to sell the original thomerdor stovetop and wall oven (need minor repair). I also have the origianl kitchen and bathroom cabinets which is in perfect condition. Do any of you know where I can post the ad to sell them? Appreciate your advise.

Joined: Mar 30 2010

Hi Wenwei,
I would be interested in possibly buying your bathroom and kitchen cabinets depending on the price and their condition. Please contact me at Thanx.

Joined: Jun 2 2009

We might be interested in your wall oven. Please send a picture and further info to

Thank you.

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