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Restoring Closet Doors

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Joined: Mar 24 2003

The recent posts about the availability of nice grasscloth wallpaper have finally got me started on the closet door restoration project which I've been meaning to do for several years now. The first step was strip off many, many coats of old paint using the "Peel Away 7" product which was recommended on this board some time ago. (As an aside, "Peel Away" works great, much better than most of the other stripping products I've used).

My questions are now:

1) Were the original door frames painted?, zolatoned? Or was it simply a clear finish over what appears to be a lauan frame?

2) I was planning on using the back sides of the existing lauan panels, (which are pretty clean), for the new grasscloth. Any suggestions on an adhesive? I'm concerned that standard wallpaper paste might not adhere too well to the porous surface of the wood panels.

3) The sliding hardware consists of wood hangers on a wood track. Has anyone had sucess replacing the sliding hardware, or is it better to simply leave well enough alone?


Joined: Mar 20 2003

I have a 1969 eichler and mine were zolatone painted. I repainted mine with a different color.
I noticed that the wallpaper vendor recommends a specific adhesive for their walpaper. I would go with their recommendation. I did not use a sealant for the far so good.
I did not replace my track hardware. I did however clearn the tracks very thoroughly and used a silicone spray to reduce friction. The doors slide much better.


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