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Roof drain pipe shaped like pagoda. Original?

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Hi all,

My uncle dropped off a birthday gift last week. It was a small cast iron pagoda about 3"x3"x3". He got it from a local contractor that removed it from a Eichler remodel years ago. He was told from the original homeowner that the pagoda came with his new home when he bought it new. He described the pagoda as being stringed in a series of pagodas from the roof to the ground. When it rained the water would run down the string of pagodas until the water reached the ground.

I asked my uncle if maybe the owner had installed it himself. I could see it as being true. Any comments? If it is true I would like to remake some of these and offer them to our Eichler community.

Thanks and look forward to your reply.

Burlingame Eichler Owner....

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What you describe are called Japanese rain chains. We just installed copper ones on all our drains, available online.

They come in many styles.

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