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San Rafael Eichler - A/C Options

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My wife and I just bought an Eichler in San Rafael.  The house needs a new roof, so we were thinking this could be the perfect time to figure out A/C or anything else that will go through the roof.  We are thinking of getting mini-split ceiling cassettes, to minimize visual perturbances.  Has anyone taken this approach?  I've read old threads that mention someone from Chris S. having done this in San Jose, and I'd love to learn more from others' experiences.
I got a quote for 5 units installed for ~$40K, which was much higher than I was expecting.  Thoughts?

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I was thinking of going the same route with my house. I like the fact that they have built in lift pumps and as you mention, asthetically look nice. 40k seems like quite a bit. How many units and compressors is that? I've seen 4x heads (18k, 18k, 18k, 9k) BTU with a single compressor for a bit less than 5k on Amazon.
Since you are doing the roof and if it's in your budget, you may check out the Unico low profile system that would be installed under the foam when the roofers have completed the tear off. 

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