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So Cal Eichler identification help

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I am sure this is a typical question from new members to the forum. I would like to say I have exhausted my own research and would like some help from the experts. My grandma recently passed away. She and my grandpa purchased a house in Fullerton, Ca in 1960. It is on Maplewood Ave, and through my research I have found that there were some Eichler builds in the neighborhood. The house is a 4br, 2 bath. The garage is detached and sits at the end of the driveway. I will post some exterior photos in case that will help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. All replies are appreciated.

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Hi Jessica: Thanks for posting -- and for adding the pics, which help a lot. Not sure which architect or builder was behind your grandma's home, but one thing is certain: It is not an Eichler. The folks at Eichler SoCal may know more...  -- Marty

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Hi Jessica --
Unfortunately there wasn't an Eichler tract built in Fullerton. Often times the tract that is mitaken as an Eichler neighborhood is actually a part of the "Forever Homes" tract (see link below). In their own right the Forever Homes on Maplewood in Fullerton are super cool and they do have some Eichler like charateristics (ie full height glass post and beam construction sensible design...)
Based on your pictures though, the detached garage and what apears to be a raised foundation make me think it isn't a part of the Forever Home tract (I could be wrong), but again is a cool example of a sensible mid century single family home. That said, if you intend to live in it or sell it please keep the original features intact. The clerestory windows, exposed ceiling beams and fireplace are staples and awesome features for this era of home. 
Sorry I wan't much help to your original question as to builder and architect, but I would encourage you to stop by Fullerton's city hall in the building / planning department as they could provide a possible answer or direction to find out more. 
-- David
Check out this article that was written earlier by D. Weinstein:

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